Content Strategy

If you're a storyteller for a brand, having a strategy is key for success - if you don't know what your goals are, then how can you reach them with brand journalism practices?

I developed the strategy behind this company's web content, blog and social properties. On a smaller scale, I've married this HR technology's blog and social strategy with larger marketing goals.

Content Creation

I can write long-form pieces of content like whitepapers, shape the story line for a data-driven infographic as well as write the content  - and then support it all with an email campaign.

But that all means nothing if you don't have kick-ass web content, or a regularly updated blog. My content creation isn't marketing-based, I can also write press releases and create presentations.

Article Writing/Media Relations

I started out as a journalist working the local politics beat around Princeton, and have graduated to bigger stories.

For brands, I help them get media coverage from industry publications, announce their products with strategic media campaigns, and write content so they become members of the media themselves.



Blogging is awesome. It's a conversation platform, a promotional tool for larger brand initiatives, a place to convert leads and a place to grow your authority as a thought leader.

Some of my blog posts crunched dataannounced new products, news-jacked, and explored industry trends. Others explored, sustainability, B2C brands and marketing. Fill out this form for samples.

 Princeton Merchants Association Quarterly Social Media Workshop July 2015

Princeton Merchants Association Quarterly Social Media Workshop July 2015


I spend some of my time talking about what I do in front of crowds of people interested in content and social media.

Most recently, I've spoken for the New Jersey State Library Social Media Taskforce and given this presentation to the Princeton Merchants Association.